Sunday, October 26, 2008

fall updates

this picture isn't mine, obviously as we don't have a puppy dog or any type of pet. though i have been pestering toby lately about the idea of a kitten. long-term we want a dog, but it isn't too practical right now. anyway. my mom's friend pixie sent over some pictures of sophie the dog. dressed as a pumpkin. my mom does it every year. as she's living in michigan, dinah the cat got a break and didn't have to dress up as a witch. dinah resents the fact that just because she's a black cat, she has to be dressed up as a witch. just one year dinah would like to be the pumpkin.

this isn't mine either. it's from the bbc, but i like it. and it's informative too. don't forget about those clocks.

jack-o-laterns to follow once the tobster and i carve 'em.

happy fall peoples!

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