Wednesday, October 29, 2008

a quick seasonal change

last night we carved pumpkins and today, there was snow on the ground!

i made my way to marylebone station very early this morning to go to a class about color. i was greeted with freezing cold temps. as i wandered out of the station in search of a starbucks (there wasn't one in the station (!)-or outside for that matter) i saw some white stuff on top of a black cab. i couldn't believe my eyes--but then, as i kept wandering i saw it on the ground too!

it had snowed!!

this proves that i was up early and was NOT paying attention as i quickly made my way from train station to train station. i've seen snow on halloween in the states, but i didn't think it was possible here. apparently, it hasn't snowed in october since 1934.

luckily, i was able to enjoy the white earth while i took my hour-long train journey to haddenham & thame parkway (near oxford). white snow covered everything and i couldn't stop smiling.

of course, by the time the class was over and i finally made my way back home by 7o'clock, my smile wasn't so big. i was (am) tired. i still have a half smile going on though as there are still bits of snow on the ground and i'm sitting next to a couple of jack-o-laterns.

i love halloween.

do we frighten you?

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