Thursday, November 20, 2008

you talkin' to me?

i think the fridge is talking to me. every so often the sound of an electric screwdriver buzzes.

i've pushed the fridge. even told it to be quiet and still the blasts of buzz.

i've got another day off of work. i've got another day and a half to use up.

so now, i sit in the kitchen, in the quiet (except for my friend the buzzing fridge) and drink my coffee.

things to do today:

lunch date with toby at the all-you-can-eat indian buffet
bank matters
christmas presents
more coffee
book group

it'll be a busy day off of work--better get going. only so long you can postpone a shower.

ps. we saw death cab for cutie last night. wowza.

1 comment:

MeeMa Knows Best said...

Sounds like a perfect, book club, all you can eat Indian! The talking fridge may be something less than pleasant but still the other good stuff out weights the buzz. Hope your day was fabulous!