Sunday, April 26, 2009


one post a month does not a blog make.

the weather in london has been beautiful. absolutely beautiful. more so during the week of course.

that is what i've been up to lately. i've been at work every day thinking about how badly i would rather be outside, eating an ice cream cone, soaking up the sun and laying in some grass. i've been thinking about all of the things i would rather be doing. i've spent a lot of energy doing that this week. and a little work. i've hit a slow patch at work. just a patch though i'm sure, so i'm really trying to enjoy it while i can.

for awhile now my eyes have been a bit funny. just little things like i'd look down at a page and the line below that which i was reading would be blurry. a little odd, so i got in the habit of taking my glasses off when reading. i started doing this when i spoke with people too as they were going a bit blurry when they were near me. i hadn't really thought too much of it, but it was started to happen to me at work too with my computer. what it all came down to was me taking an eye test and finding right eye has improved eyesight! well, heck.

this called for NEW glasses, meaning an excuse to purchase some new frames.

and i did. and they are different, but different is good.

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