Monday, May 04, 2009

to begin.

may crept up out of nowhere. i was really thinking that april had 31 days and so, when friday came and it turned out to be may 1st, i was pleasantly surprised. may 1st. the beginning of a month. the beginning of may bank holiday weekend. the beginning of warmer weather to come. AND it means i can say cheripaul is coming to visit next month!!

what better to celebrate all of this after work than to have a little barbecue in the park.

after work, we got on our bikes and cycled down to crystal palace park. we found a little tree stump to set up our mini-bbq on, cracked open a couple of bottles of beer and started grilling up some hot dogs.

we're trying to remain hopeful that summer will be warm this year. we will have a genuine summer. we will.

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Charlie Hobart said...

Nice to see we still know where your heart is! Go Pack!