Sunday, August 30, 2009

have you seen a map?

football season is back. toby found a new place for us to watch the matches. an old cinema converted into a weatherspoon's pub. not bad really. still really looks like an old cinema! i have a feeling we'll be back there again, so i'll get a quick picture sometime. though i know i'll get a few stares.

i got a few today.

as traditional on our football outings, i'll bring my knitting. toby watches the football and i knit a few lines or read a book. of course, this gets a few funny looks from people at first. eventually they ignore me, so it isn't a big deal. this time about, a woman asked a few questions. so, i was polite and smiled and said thanks and yes, knitting is fun, etc. she asked me where i was from and, as normal, i said near chicago. most people know whereabouts that is. she said where in chicago, as she is quite good with geography. oh! i say, well, then, i'm from a place called janesville, right on the border of wisconsin and illinois. oh! she says, is that near texas?

i'm not kidding! good with geography, ha! then she went on to say something about israel and all you have to do is type it into google to find out where it is. then she asked if i went to church.

i think this pub is gonna be awesome.

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Risa said...

snort...that is awesome, and they say our education system is the worst. I used to have a boyfriend that was insane about baseball, and would make me go to games with him. So, to make him not want to take me anymore, I brought a Harry Potter book with me. So I'm sitting there, reading, and this guy next to me leans over and asks why I'm reading. So I explain (leaving out the making my boyfriend mad part) and he looks at him and says "Man you have a great girl, my wife would never come. You are SO lucky." He never brought me again...teeheee...