Sunday, August 30, 2009

we heart ice cream

a few weekends back -- let's be honest it was july, august kind of just happened and it is so nearly over! -- at the end of july, tobes and i went to ben and jerry's sundae on the common in clapham common.

as the saying goes, typical british weather. mega chilly, wind and a bit of rain. we're there for ice cream though, so we had to forget about all of that. the ice cream! it was all you could eat! granted, it turns out you can only eat so many ice cream cones. caramel chew chew, cookie dough, chunky monkey, etc, etc.

we also saw a few good bands like camera obscura and the futureheads. human league (!) was headlining, but we just couldn't be bothered to stick around. it was really starting to rain by then. i heard they were pretty funny. a bunch of old '80s synth pop ladies dressed in tube tops.

anyhoo, i think we need to make this a regular thing. anyone want to come with us next year?
guess what
i heart ice cream.

lots and lots and lots of ice cream
a little chunky monkey

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