Friday, August 21, 2009

my first baby sweater

i'm back on the knitting. end of august now, so it just feels appropriate, you know?

this little sweater didn't take a long to knit, but i started getting lazy and it took ages to finish. i'm not so good with the finishing and i don't enjoy it.

michelle and craig are my first baby knit recipients. hope it isn't too small for their new little one. i'm so, so happy for them and i hope i get to meet him before he's wandering around and talking.

i picked up some yarn on the most brilliantly warm day wednesday. i'm all ready for my next project. wahoo!

1st baby sweater!
1st baby sweater!


Risa said...

it's beautiful! I wish I had the patience to knit...sigh.

abby said...

aw, carisa! you don't need patience to knit with mega-chunky yarn and size 15 needles (do they make them that big?) you know what i want for christmas? i massive scarf made by you. get knitting lady!