Wednesday, November 25, 2009

can i go on?

my hardcore cycling has been put to the test these past couple of weeks. i don't know how much more rain and wind i can take.

seriously, i know cycling is the thing right now, but all of these easy-breezy people MUST live like 5 minutes from where they work. maybe even 3 minutes. i struggle with my hills and my rain and my sweaty and near the end of the ride, all i want to do is throw down the bicycle and have a temper tantrum. it's haarrrd.

i ride my bicycle to work to save cash (though one ends up spending lots of money on bike-related items, so i don't know how well we're doing on that one), for my health, for my toby, and because i don't like being squished into small places with sweaty strangers.

i keep trying to tell myself these things when i struggle home, but the cold and squishy soaked shoes and jeans don't help.

all that said, it didn't rain today and i'm home.

i didn't throw a temper tantrum, so i think i deserve an ice cream. yea me!


Anonymous said...

Yes you can go on!
I know the feeling though , having wet feet is the absolute WORST thing in the world, urrgh. I've started wearing boots almost all the time now which gives pretty good insurance against the wet foot problem, but rain can still be a bit rubbish especially when it gets in your eyes and makes your contact lenses go fuzzy!
I gotta say though, last time I took the tube for a night out, it was only 2 stops but the train only made it one of them before they closed the line and we all had to pile out and wait 15 minutes in the pouring rain for a bus full of sweaty people. It was a good reminder of why cycling is the best really!
Enjoy your well earned icecream and let's cross our fingers for sunshine tomorrow :)

Filigree said...

Oh don't feel bad! The last several times I have ridden my bike, it has been very difficult and I clearly need to rethink my winter plan. Tears and snot running down my face from the wind, then freezing on my cheeks? Not so nice.

Dottie said...

You definitely deserve an ice cream :) If there's a day you really don't want to ride, maybe you could take public transportation for that one day. That may prevent you from burning out and remind you why you like riding in the first place. Also, I would say don't wear jeans in the rain, if you can help it. Those are the absolute worst because they are abrasive when wet and take forever to dry. I prefer a skirt with tights because tights dry in minutes.