Monday, December 07, 2009

tale of the swallowtail shawl

i had a great idea. this year was going to be the year that i finally knit something for my grandma. i've been wanting to for ages and never got around to it. how awful is that?

i wanted to find something pretty and simple. i also wanted to add some new skills to my knitting repertoire. i had a dink around ravelry and flickr and found many swallowtail shawl successes. with so many positive comments, i HAD to knit this shawl.

turns out i was going to be the one person with negative comments. typical.

it all started out okay until i started realizing that my buds weren't really looking like buds anymore. then i noticed that my stitch count was always one or two off.

i tore it apart a few times and then was happily on my way again, but it seemed like i was knitting 4 rows and then ripping out 3 and so forth. i tore this thing apart so many times my yarn BROKE!

clearly, i do not have concentration for such a project at the moment. instead, i've found an easy-peasy shawl to knit. it is still interesting, but requires far less attention than i'm willing to spend. and it doesn't matter too, too much if i'm off a stitch or too.

maybe someday i'll go back to that swallowtail, but at the moment, it's just bringing me down.

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