Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A bit of Christmas Cheer

Despite having Christmas songs in my head all the time, I wasn't feeling very Christmas-y this year. We didn't even pick out a tree until a week before the big day. Upside is that the tree still looks good. Hasn't lost a single needle.

our pretty tree

We rented a van this year to drive out to Toby's parents. Well, we didn't want to rent a van, but that was sort of the only thing left in our price range. Wasn't a bad little van either.

toby and the van
That's Toby enjoying a little van driving through Peckham on Christmas day.

Lots of colorful, tasty food with nice people. Pretty good day.

the veg
toby and the trifle

Now I've got a tiny cold and lots of rainy, miserable weather. At least I have lots of things to snuggle up with.

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skirmishofwit said...

Beautiful tree!