Sunday, January 10, 2010

Slow Riding

The first full week of the new year is over. It hasn't been as long and horrible as I thought.

Thank you dear crazy snowstorms visiting the UK. We had full on hope for a snow day on Tuesday night. I wanted to cry on Wednesday morning when most of the fallen snow in Forest Hill had melted on the roadway. The main road anyway. We took the bus in this day because the trains were crazy delayed. Didn't chance it on Thursday either as we took the train in. By Friday, we were back on our bikes. As long as you stuck to the main roads, there wasn't too much ice or slush anywhere. I was feeling pretty nervous and riding super slow, but I guess that isn't a bad thing. The tune of choice running through my head? Slow Ride, do-do-do, take it eas-y... I think it helped.

I think this week is going to be much of the same. And cold. And windy. This is probably going to end up being the long week.

uncoordinated fun with the timer

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