Sunday, March 14, 2010

Progress on knitting and me.

I have been ill. A cold to dwarf all other colds I've had for a very long time. Getting better though, just pathetically weak because of it.

Finally getting back to knitting. I swear. I haven't felt like reading, knitting, watching tv or even sleeping. That's right. I spent 2 full days off work staring into space because I just wasn't well and was tired, but couldn't sleep. I can sleep now and that's great. I need. Toby needs it too. Me coughing and sweating like an ice cube on a hot day were not helpful to his nights either.

Anyway, the knitting.

I am so nearly finished with the teddy bear all-in-one. Unfortunately (though it is a good thing!) the baby is here!! I have a nephew! Born March 1st. Today is the 14th and I'm hoping he hasn't grown too too much in 2 weeks. I still have the hood to finish, some ears to make, and a button band to sew on. Oh yeah and I have to buy more yarn for it. Again. I swear, I need to just bite the bullet and buy more yarn than needed despite the cost. I can always return it if I don't use it.

Here's my progress

getting there
the hood

I'm really ready for spring to get here. And for the end of my winter cold. Wish me luck.

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J said...

Thanks for visiting my blog today Abby.
Sorry to read that you've been ill, I hope you're on the mend now though.
I love the Teddy Bear All-In-One outfit you're currently in the process of knitting for your new nephey (Congrats by the way), you've chosen a lovely colour. Yarn is damn expensive isn't it? Grrrr.
Never fear, Spring is here. The clocks go forward at the weekend and the longer evenings will be something to look forward to.
I'll pop by again and hope that you'll re-visit my blog if the mood takes you.