Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy Spring!

Spring is finally here!! This must be the best day of the whole year. Then again, it doesn't look very springy outside right now. Grey, grey, cloudy and grey, but it is isn't super cold. That's got to be something.

We've had a proper winter here in the UK this year. Of course, this was the winter I decided to cycle throughout. Proud to say that I've made it through. If I can make it through a winter like this, surely I can make it through anything. Except a Wisconsin winter. Or a coldy-virusy-chest infectiony type thing that I am still fighting now.

Don't take my word for it that it's been a hard winter. The Guardian have confirmed it. BUT they say we are in for a specatular spring. Bring it on!
i love daffodils
(old picture - March 21, 2008 but I'm hoping if I headed over to Green Park today it would look similiar-ish)


J said...

Grey, grey skies indeed. My little clan ventured to Legoland in Windsor today and got very rained on. Bloody English weather :0(
Well done you for all the cycling. I'd never have the stamina - Walking yes, cycling no. (I trust you've got a comfy saddle).
Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Fingers crossed the sun will be shining tomorrow.

Tim K said...

Yeah for spring! I rode through the last two Wisconsin winters here in La Crosse, WI. Not as bad as you think, -20 wind chills and all. Just takes a bit of practice to learn the tricks of survival! Now that winter is gone I get to enjoy some of the best riding in the world here in western Wisconsin. Keep on riding!

jane said...

Spring spring spring is here! Yiippeeee! The Guardian is to be trusted on these matters, I reckon, so I'm looking forward to lots of sunny days ahead. Hope you're feeling better now!

Emily said...

Daffodils are my fave flower now that I live in London. They are so synonymous with Spring I just adore them.

reet said...

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