Sunday, July 11, 2010

morning-time stillness

It is so, so very quiet this morning. A Sunday morning at 9am feels like a weekday morning at 6. And if that might not be as quiet as it is today.

I wonder what it is...maybe the heat has slowed down the trees and birds as much as it is slowed all the people down.

I'm going to drink my coffee (I used my poor neglected coffee grinder this morning. It is happy coffee) and enjoy the quiet. Oh wait! Is that the wind in the leaves? That is a sound I'm okay with listening to today.


Charlotte said...

I love those early morning quiet times. Unfortunately, I stay up too late these days to experience them, but I have fond memories!

Charlotte said...
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jane said...

So lovely. The city's like a different place early on a Sunday morning. And hip hip hooray for happy coffee!