Thursday, July 01, 2010

this summer.

After a lot of wishy-washiness on Mother Nature's part, summer has finally come and decided to stick around. It is so warm!

Days are filled with bright sunshine and evenings with the thick, golden sun.

Each night we throw aside our dinner plans and opt for bread, cheese and fruit.

Summer isn't what I expected it to be this year, but I like it.

It is quiet and filled with a lot of time outdoors.

Spending weekends at Toby's parents.

Gardening in the vegetable patch.

Watching the World Cup (if I support a team, they go out, so now I can't support anyone).

Listening to music.

Enjoying the amazing colors.

I like summer.


Jill said...

The only problem with Summer for me is the muggy nights - 3 in a bed can get very uncomfortable (the third person being Violet).

Have a lovely weekend.

French Bean & Coffee Bean said...

You get to enjoy summer across the pond! I really am jealous about that!

I would love to experience the months of June/July in France someday...

-French Bean