Sunday, August 01, 2010

the one about the veg

more broadbean beauty

The summer isn't whoosing by as quickly as I thought it would, which is good because I don't have that fall, back-to-school feeling yet.

broadbeans are amazing -- no, really!

I want more summer sun.

That said, it is the first day of August. So, I should get myself prepared, as this is the month that is going to fly by.

I blame the vegetable patch. Toby's parents have a vegetable patch that I've been "shopping" at every weekend.


The courgettes (zucchini - I think Toby likes the American word better. How could you not? It starts with a "Z" afterall!) are monster-like.

courgette-y goodness 2

Almost every dinner we've been eating involves a courgette.

courgette-y goodness 1

I've had lots of firsts with the gooseberry. First time picking them...first time cooking with them (elderflower cordial and a bunch of unrefined caster sugar)...


...first time eating them!

gooseberry crumble!

We see garden veg wherever we go.

bike and cabbage - a still life

Okay, okay...we haven't gone that crazy.

I'm just saying, I'm enjoying our Summer of Veg. Got to get to the kitchen now. I've got a rhubarb crumble in the oven and I can't be having it burn.


Jill said...

I'm a terrible veg eater, especially the 'Green' ones i.e. Cabbage, and Brussels. My mum used to despair.

Saying that, I can't get enough of Leeks, I seem to be cooking loads of meals with them at the moment.

Enjoy all the homegrown crop, because it certainly tastes the best.

Elizabeth said...

So jealous. I think we will rent a plot next year and grow some veggies. You've become quite the domestic with your zucchini and crumbles and whatnot. Well done you!

Charlotte said...

Gooseberries are a dream. I only ever see them in the U.S. in preserves made in Poland. Probably not looking in the right place...

abby said...

I'm not altogether sure if I had ever heard of gooseberries before I came to the UK! Keeping hunting as gooseberries are awesome.

vix in the city said...

hey! the veggies are looking great! i love the cushiony pods that the broad beans come in. my mum used to grow bucketloads of them - never much liked them to eat - just liked squishing the cushiony pods!

mmmmmmm, crumble... either gooseberry or rhubarb - hmm, that's making me a bit homesick...