Saturday, August 14, 2010

Yes, I have a local coffeeshop.

I went on and on about this place and am only writing about it now? Yep.

Verdict? I love this place. I mean LOVE this place.

Finally, finally, finally, a coffee shop that makes me feel like I'm back in Minneapolis. Small, friendly, and good coffee (I like their lattes. Heavy.) It just has that feeling.

The one thing they are lacking is coffee. No, no, I mean just plain old coffee. No espresso machine. We're talking brewed coffee. This is still one thing that coffee shops don't really do in London and I cannot figure out why. Penny University opened up, but not for long. Whenever I looked at reviews, people seemed to be getting all up n' arms about it. Saying people are pretentious for liking coffee brewed at its best. This is NOT a new thing people! Before all the fancy dancy espresso-style drinks, when you said coffee, you got coffee. Sheesh. Guess I'll have to keep using my french press at home. Not a big deal as I really shouldn't be buying coffees everyday. That adds up mighty fast. But I do want to support them so much. In my opinion, St. David's needs to stick around. It adds a little something special to Forest Hill. I think there are more good things to come.

Option-C do a really well-informed review. I'm just here to tell you that you should go. Go right now. Bring a book and plan on spending some quiet time with it and your velvety coffee.


Jill said...

If only I lived nearer (much nearer) I'd most definitely go - I love independant coffee houses, especially when they're good (and have clean loo's).

Jill x

Charlotte said...

Bizarre that they don't have "regular" coffee. Even Starbuck's stoops to accommodate those of us who prefer that to dessert drinks. Maybe if, every time you go in, you order a plain coffee--and pass the word among your friends--they'll get the message. We did that here with brown rice at a Thai restaurant, and lo & behold...even though it's not traditional Thai, you can now order brown instead of white rice!

Elizabeth said...

So jealous! I wish I had a local coffee shop. I didn't know how spoiled I was in Minneapolis, but I'd even take a Caribou right now. The best (well, closest by proximity) I have right now is a Dunkin, but they don't exactly have desirable ambiance.