Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

It is Halloween again!

I'm looking out the window and can see a bright red tree to the right and a bright yellow one to left. I'm eating candy corn and caramel apple suckers. I'm smelling a cinnamon candle.

Everything Fall and Halloween-y is here and yet, I've got no craving to carve the Halloween pumpkins. What's up with that? I made sure we purchased pumpkins weeks ago and they have been sitting in our living room and I keep talking about how we need to carve them, but ... well, we sort of have to today or not at all as it is Halloween. Weird. Anyway, we'll get around to carving them and I'll take some pictures and put them up here at some point.

I did do one very Halloween-y thing this year. I made a pumpkin hat! This is Dylan's (my nephew) first Halloween and I knit, so he HAS to have a pumpkin hat.

My sister took this picture when he went to the pumpkin patch. Every Midwestern kid has memories of the pumpkin patch and I'm glad Dylan's getting that tradition in early.

Happy Halloween to you all! (and mom, we did the old fall time-change here in the UK, so I think we are only 5 hours difference now! for a few weeks anyway)


Charlotte said...

That is a GREAT hat, Abby!

jane said...

very cute hat on a very cute little man! maybe you can eat the pumpkins if you didnt get to carving them. yum yum.