Saturday, November 20, 2010

Away he goes

Life is busy. Fall is swooshing past without giving us any proper time to appreciate it.

The morning bike rides to work have been very chilly. We grumble awake in the morning, not wanting to leave the warm bed behind. Though, occasionally we are greeted with some seriously amazing sunrises. You need sunglasses to be in our kitchen on mornings like that. Then we bundle up in all our windproof/waterproof jackets, socks, trousers, etc to go out in the cold. More grumbling up the hill by the Horniman...but then we get to Peckham Rye Park. The way the cold hangs in the air is so beautiful. The sunflowers are now all brown stalks, but surrounded by the dewy, bright green grass and the frosty air hanging around them - it is just so darn beautiful that for a little while, you really don't mind that you're out in the cold. It is actually pretty darn nice to be in the crisp, cold air.

Then a Royal Mail truck will speed by you while beeping their horn and completely ruin the moment, but heck, that's a cycling commute in London.

The husband is doing even more cycling these days. He recently purchased a Surly Cross-Check. He'll be taking all sorts of adventures on this bicycle.

it starts

Long adventures. Last weekend he set out for his sister's in Berkhamsted.

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We live in South London and Berkhamsted, is a bit further north and actually out of London. About 40 miles out there! (round trip around 60 miles as he got a train part of the way back)

on the road

I was a little worried as this was his first really big ride. I waved him away and out he went down the road at 10 to 10.

10 to 10

His sister has some post ride pictures that I'll have to show you another time. Yes! he made it to his sister's in one piece. AND he really enjoyed it! Which means that this Saturday he is also out on a long bicycle ride. To Richmond Park. I reckon this ride will be a lot prettier than the traffic-filled streets of London.

I suppose it is only a matter of time before he joins one of those fully Lycra-d up cycling clubs....

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jane said...

Wow, Toby's ride is so impressive!!
I like the cold air so much. It makes London feel cleaner than I suspect it is, and there are moments the city feels positive Dickensian. Love it.
Ooh, and thanks for that great blog you left me the link to, I love it!! Great reading!