Saturday, January 22, 2011


The first post of 2011. A little late, but I don't mind because posting isn't my job. And my job isn't my life.

I'm trying out a different attitude this year. One that will hopefully make me a little calmer and make me stop worrying about silly things that aren't important.

I've already had plenty of challenges to that approach!

Tobes and I ended 2010 with a little theater at The Young Vic (The Glass Menagerie) and then some dinner and beer at The Draft House. London looks awfully pretty at night. Funny to think that just down the river, there were thousands of folks waiting to see the fireworks. They stood outside for hours waiting for midnight to arrive. We headed home early and watched them warmly and quietly on the sofa.

New Year 2011

I don't like to use my flash, so pictures are a bit blurry sometimes....

Next month we head to Italy to celebrate our 5 year anniversary! You can bet there will be lots of pictures. Anyone know any good bicycle shops in Milan or Turin? Or, more importantly, any wool shops?!

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Jill said...

Hi - sounds to me like you had a wonderful New Years Eve :0)

I'm always drawn back to Italy. Though I haven't visited Milan or Turin - You'll have loads of fun. I look forward to seeing all your photos.
Jill x