Sunday, February 06, 2011

St. John take 3 (with a birthday surprise)

Toby's 28th birthday was on Thursday.

We went to St. John. All night he had his eyes on the big treacle tart. He was so worried they were going to run out by the time we were ready for dessert.

I wasn't worried though as I knew there was going to be a little surprise for him.

Birthday boy

Happy birthday Tobes!!


Jill said...

Aw - he looks well happy with his Treacle Tart Surprise :0)

In answer to your question re: Honeycomb Pattern. It's such an easy pattern to follow and remember. A piece of cake.

Jill x

nicole said...

yay, happy birthday toby! looks like it was a fabulous day! it's crazy that toby is 28 now isn't it? i remember when you thought he was such a youngin'! my man is not yet 23! but hey, they keep us young! :)