Tuesday, February 22, 2011

This morning.

There are so many people cycling in London these days. No fewer than 15 cyclists waiting for the lights to change with me at the end of Blackfriar's Bridge.

I can't decide if this is wonderful or horrible. I only think it is horrible because I'm selfish and would rather the roads completely to myself. That would mean the cars, buses, taxis, vans, scooters and motorcycles need to go too. That would be wonderful.

Ugh. Today is grey again.

But soon I will share some happy and sunny (for a few days anyway) pictures from our visit to Italy.


Jill said...

Oooo - Italy. I love, love, love it there. xx

Natalie said...

God, I'm so with you. I'm really happy that more people are cycling in London but I also find myself overcome with selfish thoughts such as "bugger off, I was here first!".

Melody said...

Happy Anniversary!!! You guys are so cute. Ps. I love your dress!