Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Craft and Coffee.

A couple of interesting London things to keep an eye out for....

(picture from Renegade website)

Renegade. Isn't actually until October, but I feel the need to shout that Renegade is coming to LONDON! At the Old Truman Brewery. This has potential for amazing things.

The London Coffee Festival. How could this not be good? Also at the Old Truman Brewery, where lots of good things happen. Apparently there is some sort of "third wave" coffee thing going on. I don't really understand this, but I take it to mean that more people are paying attention to the goodness of coffee. Sort of like they do in the states. People here are starting to catch on that there is coffee beyond the chain stores. It is a very good thing.

Speaking of coffee...went to Prufrock's new location on Leather Lane with the husband last week at lunchtime. I wish I had taken a picture because the way my coffee was brewed was quite the show. I had a come brewed in a siphon. Chemistry crazy cool. Have a look at the Timeout article. I will be going back. Probably not with Tobes at lunchtime because we waiting about 15 minutes for a cup, but I'll be back.

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iheartkiwi said...

I am so jealous that you are in London! I haven't been in years but it's still one of my favorite cities.

Your photos are wonderful as well!