Saturday, March 19, 2011

Just so the husband knows.

The picture above was taken on a historic tram you ride up into the foothills of the Alps that surround Turin.

At the end of the line, you arrive in Superga. In 1949, the entire Torino football team died when their plane crashed here. There is a memorial next to the Basilica. It was easy to see how this could happen. It was so foggy when we were there, you couldn't see a thing. (Pictures below)

So, this husband of mine in the photo up there, he's been making me very proud lately. In the photo, he's reading It's Not About the Bike by Lance Armstrong. I've never seen the boy so engrossed in a book before. He carried it around with him on holiday and picked it up to read whenever he could. This put a massive grin on my face.

He has also just set off for a long ride out to Tring, which is where his sister lives. About 45 miles from here. He wants to increase his cycling fitness and he is doing it. Such a beautiful blue sky sort of day, so I reckon he'll have a good time.

He's has such a rough time lately and he's handled it all with a lot of courage. It makes me so very happy to see him enjoy things like cycling and reading.

I'll say it again, I'm quite proud of him.

View in Superga.

What the view was meant to look like.

The tram line.

Us outside the Basilica.

Trees around Superga.

Ready to ride back down. So foggy that day.

Something to hold onto.


Natalie said...

I see you have the same kind of luck as me. I had a trip up the cable car in Montserrat to see the beautiful view - but instead I got to look at some fairly dense fog. Bloody weather! Glad you had fun nonetheless.

LEO said...

oh my gosh that tram looks like SO much fun!