Sunday, March 06, 2011

Sunday evening.

Sunday evening is here again. It just sort of happens.

I thought I was being lazy today, but when I write down all of the things I've done, looks like I've been busy.

Dishes and 3 loads of laundry. The grocery store. Knitting, reading, uploading the rest of our holiday snaps!

I made granola bars and pulled pork for tacos.


We had a lot of that in Italy.


Pizzas at 8 3/4 in Turin. (We even went back a second night).


Lunch at Princi in Milan. (Yes, we went here a couple of times too)


And gelato. We tried to keep it to two a day. Some people were more generous with their ice cream than others...

Hadn't touched this yet, that is a second scoop on top. What a meanie!

Our dinner tonight better be as tasty as those meals in Italy.


Melody said...

dang, that pizza looks amazing!

Elizabeth said...


I would say that second scoop warranted some good-natured scolding at the very least! I hope you got three cones that day to make up for it!