Thursday, May 26, 2011

Little Green Veggie Eating Monster

Today looks like the perfect day to curl up in the living room, watch the rain out the window and just knit. Knit like mad. Then nap. Then knit. And maybe nap again.

But I am at work and its lunchtime and because it is raining, I can't go outside. Or nap. Or knit. At least there is a 3day weekend to look forward to.

Green Monster

Do you see that? I think this kid has potential for RED HAIR!

So, this is my nephew. He's modeling the Hooded Striped Top by Debbie Bliss that I knit for him. It is a bit big, but I reckon that is spot-on so he'll be able to wear in when Fall comes in a few months. Yes, I'm skipping through Summer to justify a big knit.

Green Monster

The husband picked out the colors. He thought they shouldn't be too "baby" and pastel. I think he picked some good ones. Plus green goes well with RED HAIR.

The hood and sewing of the seams with the hood were my only downfalls. Things bunched up and made me frustrated. And I'm really bad at picking up stitches, so I didn't enjoy the ribbing around the hood. It's bitty and I don't like bitty. If I had a lot of raining days, I could have knit this way faster.

Green Monster


vix in the city said...

nice jumper!

Carisa said...

amazing job on the sweater! As you know I'm rather partial to red heads so fingers crossed for a ginger nephew!!! :)

strikk handknits said...

cute top indeed. nice to see the pattern made into the real thing. cute boy too :-)

Kylee Larson said...

aw he's so sweet, hopefully he will be a redhead- red hair is beautiful!